Can Kids Watch R-Rated Movies? Find Out Here

Should children be allowed to watch R-rated films? This is a question that until now is a topic of heated debates. Everyone will have their own views about the issue. If you are a parent, this topic is something that you should take seriously. Thanks to the internet, kids now have unlimited access to different online and media content. This causes worry, especially with the movies that kids can watch.

We have to admit that there are PLENTY of ‘kids’ movies that contain scenes that are very inappropriate to young children. However, they have a rating which allows kids to watch. So let’s go ahead and dig a bit deeper about this issue and see whether kids should be allowed to watch this kind of movies.

Movie Ratings – Who Does Them?

Many of us are not familiar with the movie ratings. In the US, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) started rating movies in 1968. Their ratings limit the censorship of moviemakers but they also warn parents especially when there are questionable materials included in the film, whether it’s shown in the movie theater or online movie sites like 123movies alternative.

  • G. The rating given to films that would not contain anything offensive that parents do not approve of.
  • PG. This is given to movies where Parental Guidance is highly required because they may contain materials that parents think would be inappropriate for young children.
  • PG-13. The rating is given on films where there are materials included which are not appropriate for pre-teens.
  • R. R-rated movies will have some adult content included. Parents are advised to learn more about the film first before they let their young kids watch it.
  • NC-17. This is the rating for films with plenty of adult content. Children should NOT be permitted to watch these movies.

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R-Rated Movies – Can Young Children Watch Them?

When it comes to this debatable question, there is no right and wrong answer. But when asking from a parents’ perspective, most of them would agree that categorically, they will not let their children watch R-Rated movies. Some would say that with parental guidance, they can let their young kids watch the movie with them. But some would completely disagree.

Still, the decision will be up to the parents and the guardians of these young children. They are the ones who know what their children are like, particularly with regards to their attitude and maturity levels. They are the only ones who know these kids’ threshold when it comes to disturbing subject matter. However, the sad fact is that many parents and guardians are not aware of the content of R-Rated movies. Remember that these movies may contain foul language and some violence.

This is why it is very important that if you care for your children, it is best to watch the movie first before letting them view it. This way, even though the movie is deemed to be ‘harmless’ and ‘kid-friendly’ you would be able to gauge it yourself, based on what you know about your children.