Conducting an Employer Background Check for House Owners

Do you need to make sure your business is protected?

Conducting an employer background check can help you do that. It’ll help you confirm that the information about your employees is accurate.

However, be wary that frauds can still pass a background check. So, how can property managers conduct an effective and proper employer background check? In this article we will talk all about that! Come on, and let us read more…

How to do an Employer Background Check

Conducting an employer background check the wrong way will only mean nothing but expenses. Aside from that, it’ll also add complexity to your interview process.

Therefore, it’s best to do a background check that corresponds to the right way of doing it. With that said, let’s read more..

The Basic of Employer Background Check

The first step is to ask permission from the applicant to conduct an employer background check. It’s the most important step you should do first to avoid any misunderstandings.

Keep in mind that most rental laws require property managers get the approval of the applicant before conducting a background and credit check.

A basic employer background check includes criminal records, social security validation, address history check and others. Let’s further know each of the scopes of a background check.


  1. Check Criminal Records

The first scope of an employer background check is the checking of applicant’s criminal records. This is important because this record will affect trust and even security.

A property manager can look for the criminal records or history of an employer by means of national and county records.

  1. Social Security Validation

This process will ensure the applicant’s social security number is legitimate and valid. It also search all names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth and address history associated with the social security number.

Conducting social security validation will also reveal if the applicant has lived in any undisclosed locations. With this, as a property manager, you’ll be given the decision to pursue with this applicant or not.

  1. Check Address History

The is a process in which property manager can locate or trace previous addresses of an applicant. Finding out where an applicant has lived will make it easier to verify other research.

Thus, it’s helpful in the easy verification of other related searches under this employer background check.

Property Manager’s Way of Verifying Employer Background Check

There are a variety of ways for property managers to verify the results of an employer background check. For me, the best way in verifying background check is through contacting the Human Resource or Payroll Departments.

These two departments will surely give you exact information which isn’t otherwise found on an applicant’s resume.

Also, Property managers may use third-party verification process which will require payments. For more information about the proper ways tp background check your employers then it is best to visit our site to read more…