Life in The Best Beach Condos

If you love beach life and the cool sea breeze, this article is meant for you because I am about to tell you about a residential development that you will fall in love with. Perhaps it’s what you have been looking for and you have never been lucky. Don’t worry because after the long wait your solution is here and you are just about to read about the condos located at the seafront in Miami which are both simple and executive. The puzzle of capturing the simplicity in this development still mains a mystery to many. Talking about the Oceania 5 sunny isles beach, condos, nothing beats the lifestyle at the development. These are grand-scale condos. A community made up of only five residential 29-story oceanfront towers. If you have never lived within a gated island, then you got a chance to live here and experience the good life. Some people fear to live in tall complexes especially developed near the sea following many speculations around the dangers of living near the sea. Now I would strongly dispute any speculations about the adverse dangers of living near the beach because the first phase of isle beach condos has been standing firmly for over two decades and it is still strong. Right from 1990, the first phase of Oceania has been there facing the ocean.

These Oceania beach condos feature outstanding design with;

 spacious private balconies overlooking the sea,

  • spacious walk-in closets,
  • spacious living room,
  • smooth and high ceilings,
  • decadent kitchen,
  • amazing finishes among other features

There are various sizes of condos ranging from the 1-5-bedroom floor plan. Therefore, it is an ideal place for all categories of people from a single young age group to people with families. The towers feature identical design and this is a very amazing design to bring uniformity to the community.  The floors are easily accessible through high-speed elevators. Forget about the interior design of the condos, you need to hear about these breathtaking amenities which are rare to find in other residential areas.

  • Personal well equipped fitness centers where residents can go and exercise and train physically.
  • Oceanfront bar and lounge to relax over weekends and in the evenings
  • Beachfront snack bar where you can take your family to have fun and have a bite of a snack every weekend.
  • Beachfront meeting room and banquet- imagine conducting a party within your community without having to outsource tend services or catering services because they are available within where you live. This is the kind of life you will experience while living in Oceania 5 sunny isles beach if you get yourself one condo within the community development.
  • Swimming pool- while people pay a lot to access private beaches, you will be lucky waking up on a sunny day and accessing a swimming pool easily within your compound.