Play Free Bitcoin Dice Game- Probably The Easiest Online Gambling Game


Gambling online is fun and your comfort is top priority when passing the time. Whether it’s offline or online gambling, it’s all about money, placing the wager and then leaving it to luck for a win or a loss. Online gambling changed the scenario of the gambling world. People started placing bets on online casinos or any other games like the dice game. These bets are in the form of money deposited online from your bank accounts but since the rise of bitcoin being used as virtual money, several websites are offering free bitcoin dice game where the wager is made in the form bitcoin.

What is an online dice game?

By online dice game,it’s generally referred to a High-Low dice game. This is one of the easiest and intriguing games if played for stakes. It’s a single player game where you will be competing against the banker. Both of you will be having a pair of dice to play with.

Terminologies used

  • High- the sum of the numbers on the pair of dice greater than or equal to eight
  • Low- the sum of the numbers on the pair of dice lesser than or equal to six
  • Seven- the sum of the numbers on the pair of dice is equal to seven


How is it played?

At the beginning of the free bitcoin dice game,the banker will roll the diceand then it’s your turn. Three possible outcomes will be possible for you both: high, low or seven but your win will depend on the following conditions:

  • If the banker gets high and the addition of your dices’ number is higher than the banker
  • If the banker gets low and the addition of your dices’ number is lower than the banker

Apart from these two conditions, any other outcome will make you lose the match. Even if you and the banker have the same sum, it will be you on the losing side.

The Dice game is fun and you can access it from any of the free bitcoin dice game websites, just register on a particular website with your email and start playing this engrossing game of gambling.