Deaths and injuries in the shipping industry

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In the maritime industry, one of the dangerous works is shipbreaking. There is a lot regarding ship breaking deaths injuries safety in the maritime sector which has to be taken into consideration as it requires a lot of risks. This is the job where it involves demolishing or breakdown of our ship either to reuse its parts or to dispose of its parts as well as the materials. Most of the ships which are in recent times will be lasting only for a period of time that is for about 30 years and then they have to be demolished or recycle because of their corrosion rust or metal fatigue. In the maritime crimes and security, there is a lot regarding the ship breaking and the deaths and injuries involved along with the safety. As it involves a lot of risk and danger this can be considered to be the job which is dangerous and there are several reasons to consider it as the riskiest job.

Hazardous jobs in the maritime sector

It may risk the health of the worker and the people who are exposed while shipbreaking involve the chemicals which are left on the ship or which were used in the construction and if we take into consideration regarding the older ships there is a chemical like asbestos which can create a problem and inhalation of such harmful chemicals will lead to cancer. So, in order to reduce these kinds of dangers and risks which affect the health of most people, there should be the implementation of safe shipbreaking and recycling projects that has to be held in a secure way.

Maritime logistics news

Many workers will be involved in shipbreaking and will be exposed to the hazardous waste and toxic substances while doing the shipbreaking and this is the practice which is unlawful and illegal if there are not certain measures that are to be taken while shipbreaking. The workers were involved in breaking up the ship or recycling or the ship parts but will be exposed to heavy metals like lead and also they are exposed to the radiation from the radium and many other toxic chemicals which will cause serious illness to the individual.

There are many shipbreaking accidents happen as it is said already as dangerous and many people get hurt or get killed in the industry of the maritime sector. Most of these accidents happen in the countries wherein there is a shipping trade or the maritime trade without following the guidelines and policies of the government for the safety and security of the workers.


There are rights for the workers who work in the maritime industry and particularly for the shipbreaking which has to be considered and follow the rules and regulations properly in order to maintain the health as well as the environmental standards involving the safety and security of the employees.