Ditch Your Lame Spoons For Better Coffee Stirrers

Coffee stirrers

If you are reading this then you or a loved one has a strong connection with coffee. Some might call you addicted, but you call yourself a connoisseur. But one thing that a lot of not so proficient coffee drinkers might tell you is that the spoon and a stirrer is functionally similar. That is not true in the slightest.

Although there really is nothing wrong with choosing to mix in your coffee with a spoon, you are not utilizing your coffee to its fullest. What you need to fully realize the flavor capacity is to use coffee stirrers. You may not know this but there are substantially big differences when using one or the other. However, only the true coffee aficionado may be able to tell the difference when tested.

Here are some key reasons why you should ditch your lame spoons for better coffee stirrers.

Coffee stirrers

Tasting Effect

One of the first things that you might not expect to change from a simple stir is the taste. However, the material that you use to mix-in the ingredients do have a significant effect on the final product. Coffee grounds that have been mixed in by metal teaspoons can cause slight changes in the flavor tone of the beverage.

As such, coffee stirrers are often found to be the least intrusive of mixing tools. That is why you would normally find those being the available option when in a café. In addition, the type of coffee stirrers is also crucial for the undertone of the coffee itself. A cheap plastic stirrer can create a more bitter taste, while a bamboo one can create the most natural flavor of the coffee. Above all, most coffee stirrers are environmentally friendly.

Mixing Capabilities

Spoons are often used to mix various ingredients in both coffee and tea. That became the case due to the spoon being used to carry those ingredients such as sugar to the drink itself. This ease of double functionality caused people to forego the intricate delicacies of mixing.

You must always be aware that your coffee will end up with some paste-like mush when you are done drinking. Why is that? That happens because you have failed to fully break down the particles of the sugar when mixing. This is due to the curvature of the spoon not fully touching each small piece of the ingredient.

That is something that you will never have to worry about with coffee stirrers. You can always guarantee that you can simply pick off every cluster of particles that are stubbornly held in place. This will maximize the taste potential of your favorite beverage each and every time.