Having Fun at Time of Work

Night Job

No, following are not uproarious thigh-slappers, however, it is bizarre how fun things can become when you are really tired & wearing a pinafore. There are many things to learn when you start working late night and consider 룸알바.

Start inventing some code names for your customers.

At times you have to warn people there is the group of fit hot women on the table 14. At times you have to warn people from arsehole bankers on the table 10. Ensure you have following covered: irritating women, pervy men, gross people, drunk people, underage teenagers, well-known people, probable serial killers and attractive people.

When you have covered basics, you will start getting a bit creative. For instance, “bagel” can mean “somebody who looks like God” and, last place that we used different cereals & pastries as the code names and sometimes fruit & veg works really well.


Speak in accents

Bored?  Obviously make use of discretion and do not switch when you are serving any table.

Fake it till you get in the soul

Suppose you feel set to stick forks among peoples’ eyes, you can act like you are happiest waiter in this land. Fake sincerely caring of your tables, make them have best experience ever, so you will be surprised to know how much nicer the customers suddenly gets. The surly waiter will be treated as such, so remains surly. The happy, helpful,fun, and thoughtful waiter will get tips & consequently is happier. It is known as the waitermaths.

Have vent or kick an oven

There is generally one place in restaurant where you may go & call the sarcastic customer or crap boss name under sun and some you have invented on your own. Generally, it is a bar store or cellar.  At times it is a kitchen – I am known to burst in tears in front of potwashers.  So, I am sure these tips will help you perform better in your night job and keep yourself motivated and happy all time when working in a bar or looking to find a bar job.