How you can apply for the citizenship of Singapore?

Singapore Pr Application

Gaining the citizenship of any country gives the right to become a native. It gives the right to vote for the country, freedom of buying land, and many other benefits.  Singapore is a confluence of many cultures. It is popular for a healthy and safe environment for the people in between all the Asian countries. The advantage of becoming a citizen of Singapore provides you the freedom to travel all around the world. So, how to apply for singapore citizenship? You can buy or sell the property under Housing and development board. They provide the loan facility to its citizens on the initial rate of interest for housing. In the field of education, their citizens pay much less fee in comparison to the foreigners and permanent residents (PR) there. Their citizens also avail of the benefit of healthcare card subsidies. For getting the citizenship of Singapore the basic condition is to renounce your citizenship of other countries because it does not allow holding citizenship of two countries at the same time.

Singapore is a beautiful country with a lot of peaceful atmospheres that may be the main reason for the foreigners to attract towards it. They apply for citizenship so that they can live there forever and avail of all the facilities of the county. It is also famous for its high-quality lifestyle. This thing encourages foreigners to do business there and get the chance to live in the country for the whole remaining life after getting the chance to become a citizen of the country. Getting the citizenship of Singapore country includes some specific commitments like application process that takes almost six to twelve months. Few important documents that you have to show when applying for citizenship are also required for example your real birth certificate, resident card, etc.

Singapore Pr Application

Getting citizenship in Singapore is a little fast process if compared to other countries. Applying for the full citizenship process starts after two years of getting the Resident card. All those foreigners who are living in the country and got the PR from the last two to six years can apply for citizenship. There are a few conditions that must be fulfilled by the people for getting citizenship there.

  • He/ She must be a resident cardholder at least from the last two years.
  • The age should be twenty one or more can apply for citizenship who is a PR holder.
  • Applying citizenship for the spouse or unmarried child under twenty-one years old born from legal marriage or adopting.
  • If you are a resident cardholder from at least the last two years and you are getting married to the citizen of the country two years before give you eligibility to apply for the citizenship.