Some of the Confinement myths

For any mother, the period after giving birth to the child is very crucial. Usually, this period is known as confinement. It is believed that the mother and the child should not go out of the house for at least forty days. In many countries, the tradition of confinement is, followed for ages. In this generation, the mothers may feel very tough to follow the confinement process. But the older generation feels that it will be good for both the mother and the child in the future. During this period, the mothers are given the best confinement food Singapore so that they can recover fast and gain more strength. There are few myths about the confinement period let us discuss few myths.

  • Don’t shower: It is believed that the mother should not take shower because when they come in contact with cold water, it will create a way for the wind to enter the body. And in the future, they may suffer from many different health issues like chronic headaches. But the actual truth is that it is very essential to maintain proper hygiene like taking regular showers. The only thing which they should keep in mind is that the wound area should be always clean and dry so that it can be healed soon without getting any infections.

  • Don’t drink plain water: It is believed that the mother should not drink a lot of water as it will decrease the body temperature. And it is also said that through this wind will enter the body. The truth is the mother should be properly hydrated when she is breastfeeding. Usually, each individual should take more than eight glasses of water each day. And for the mother who is in confinement period, they should drink little more than the regular. They should drink a glass of water after each feeding.
  • Drink rice wine and other alcoholic drinks: It is believed that mothers should drink alcohol instead of plain water. They think that alcohol will improve blood circulation and maintain a warm body temperature. The truth is that the mother who has recently given birth to the child should completely avoid alcohol as it can affect the growth of the breastfeeding child. It helps in blood circulation but is not advised for the breastfeeding mother. 


Hope the above-mentioned information has cleared some of your doubts about the confinement time. If you still have any more questions you can reach out to the doctor.