Things you should do before bto renovation

Renovation Ideas

Everyone loves to have a good and attractive house because house plays a very important role in our life. We all have good and beautiful memories related to our house, whether it is small or big. If you are going for the renovation then you must have to check the 4 room bto renovation ideas as they will help you to make your house more beautiful than before.

You must have to prefer professionals for the house renovation as they have years of experience. The 4 room bto renovation ideas will help you to make your house more attractive and different from others. These are few things you should do before to renovation:

  • Approval 

Every person needs to approve few legal documents before starting renovation work. You have to ask the legal authorities of your area as they will approve your documents with some safety guidelines. If you forget to take approval before renovation then you can be punished by them and have to pay a penalty.

  • Informing neighbors 

The second thing you have to do is to inform neighbors regarding the noise of the construction work. After this, your neighbor will do preparations for this like they will close their doors and windows to reduce the outside noise. You can also fix hours for noisy work so that your neighbor will work accordingly without disturbance.

Renovation Ideas

  • Place to stay 

You must have to arrange a room or house for few days. Because you can live in that renovating house. You have to find a new home for the next few weeks. Apart from this, you can also stay at your neighbor’s house or any relative house. But make sure you will feel comfortable in your new house.

  • Decluttering your HBD

You must have to adjust your furniture to a very safe place so that it will not break by the heavy tools used by the workers. Make sure that you have packed the valuable articles of your house properly so that they will not be damaged easily. You have to put all your important documents and jewelry in the bank as the chances of theft are very high.

  • Dust and damage 

Make sure that you have covered all your furniture and other things with proper packaging otherwise they will get dirty by the dust and damage. Don’t forget to cover your wardrobes, cabinet openings, fridge with proper packaging. It will save them from dust and scratches as well.