Valuable tips to bolt down safes to the wooden floor

It is always best to protect your valuables out of sight and keep them safe by locking them in a secure storage unit. There is a multitude of options for owning a gun safe, and you get it to install at a cheap price. Gun safety is always prone to theft under various circumstances. You can bolt the safe on your wooden floor for additional security by securing it to a wooden or concrete floor with solid bolts. If you prick on the right spot with the bold, burglars can’t abscond with the safe. There are few valuable tips for having a bolt safe to floor. To bold down the gun safe to the wooden floor, first, all you need to do is measure the floor, which involves cutting a part of the wooden floor to place the safe. Next, find the place for the bolts and anchors. You can place the gun safe on the wooden floor using tools like a pencil, saw, crowbar, compressed air can, hammer drill, socket wrench, anchor kits, and bolts.

Steps for bolting the safe on the wooden floor are:

  • Select the position for placing the safe
  • Measure the place
  • Cut a section where the safe sits
  • Outline the anchor hole using a hammer drill
  • Clear the holes
  • Always check the completed work
  • Level it in the safe position
  • Place and secure the bolts

Never place the gun safe in the garage. Since it is an outdoor location because of the change in the climatic condition, it attracts moisture. Moisture is the worst enemy of gun safes, as it can cause corrosion and premature damages. Also, please do not put the safe in the master bedroom as it is the first place that the thief will check during the burglary. Always choose a secure and concealed location to safeguard the safe.